Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Worley Spotlight," by Sue Ellis Published in July "Idaho Magazine"

Fans of former Palouse resident, author Sue Ellis, can enjoy another of her charming stories, Worley–Spotlight, published by Idaho Magazine.

Congratulations, Sue!

Fellow Internet Writing Workshop  [IWW], member, Paul Fein, had this to say,
"Sue, I thoroughly enjoyed your engaging, authoritative piece."

His favorite sentence for pure writing in Worley Spotlight is:
"By then they were stoop-shouldered from years of leaning into a task, and their faces were creased like roadmaps to kindness."
Paul also said,
"Readers will really appreciate the history you've given them."
 He cited the following paragraphs in particular:
"The many businesses that lined Worley’s main street are dramatically fewer than they used to be, unable to complete with the nearby casino or the lure of better bargains within a forty-minute drive to either Coeur d’Alene or Spokane."
"The Grange is a fraternal organization whose roots go back to 1867. The brainchild of Oliver Kelley, it was created at the urging of President Andrew Johnson as a means of bringing people of the southern and northern states back together after the Civil War. It succeeded. A lot of good was accomplished by the cooperation of dues-paying members over the years."
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