Friday, September 23, 2016

Author Sue Ellis Charms Readers Again

Sue Ellis, an eminent writer who also is a retired postal worker at Rockford, has two more chaming stories published; a fiction story, Lovely Mend, at  Mused Bella Online Literary Review,  and an essay, Remembering Billly, at Clever Magazine.

Sue is a member of Internet Writing Workshop , and thanked Prose-P, for critiques on both.

Read more Yahoo's at Internet Writing

You'll find Sue's stories in earlier posts such as,  Worley–Spotlight, published by Idaho Magazine.

MUSED - Bella Online Literary, published Going Home, by Sue Ellis, in their Summer 2014 Volume 8, Issue 2. This story gives life to a house built on the Palouse in 1909 while weaving into it the vagaries of raising a family in Waverly, Washington. She also portrays the vintage home in it's new life today.

Readers who are familiar with Ellis's charming stories won't want to miss this one in which she outdoes her usual superior evocative and charming style.

Another earlier story, a very short piece of fiction, is published in the Short Takes at Persimmon Tree, where you'll need to scroll down to read her story about a tree-faller, enticingly titled
Burned Pancakes. 

Also, enjoy Sue Ellis' stories that have been highlighted here in past issues:

Life on the Palouse History - A Bucket of Dirt Clods, published in Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) Classics 2000-2011.

Living On The Edge, published at Blue Lyra Review.

Friends a delightful poem about her great-granddaughter Mici and a year-old Labrador pup.

Poetry and Short Stories by Sue Ellis Published , includes links to a few of her delightful stories, published at a variety of venues.

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